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Latest Derek's Desk Issue January 2019:

DNA and Chromosomes

Did DNA and Chromosomes come from Noah's Ark?

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 This 4-page, newsletter-style publication is designed for those interested in the latest literal 7-Day Creation research.  Most of the research topics are brand-new and only available here at CreationFunction.com and its partner www.rae.org

The Creation Function

creation function 7-day model

 The Creation Function produces a logarithmic spiral pattern that makes 7 full rotations, just like 7 days is seven full rotations of the Earth.  The Bible says that the World was Created in seven days. We see that this "seven days" is actually "seven rotations of Creation".

Noah's Ark

noah's ark nuclear model

Derek has found that the logarithmic spiral data obtained from the Creation Function correlates to The Periodic Table of the Elements, Noah's Ark, and The Fibonacci Series--A common and well-known growth pattern observed in Nature. 



Derek on TV!!!  Most all topics will have an RAE video to help make the material more accessible.



Derek has been presenting this Creation Function (aka Seven Perfect Days) material to audiences for over 10 years.  Here is his first presentation of his work to the IMDR group in Lansing, MI.

Principles of New Creation


New Creation Research (NCR or "New Creation") is a new type of Creation Science founded by Derek.  It resembles the "Young Earth" Creationism, but the sui generis of NCR necessitates its own standing.  

Featured Video: evidence for a young world

Watch Derek as he helps Hosts Doug Sharp and Rich Geer of Revolution Against Evolution go through a presentation outline originally given by Dr. Russell Humphreys, a reknown Young-Earth Creationist and retired research physicist.  There is much evidence around us that only makes sense in a context of thousands of years.

Essays, Papers, charts, etc

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Who Is Derek?


Derek (and His Actual Desk)

Derek Marshall of East Lansing, MI is an electrical engineer who holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Michigan State University.  An inventor and former Marine, Derek discovered the Creation Function in 2005 and has applied it to many of the Bible’s more difficult topics as well as questions in Modern Physics and Chemistry.

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