the tree of life: the seven day creation and fibonacci

With Hosts Doug Sharp and Rich Geer, Derek shows that the Fibonacci Series may have come from the Seven-Day Creation and the design of Noah's Ark.

evidence for a young world

Doug, Rich and Derek go through a presentation outline given originally by physicist Dr. Russell Humphreys. Produced by www.rae.org

why we're creationists

With Host Rich Geer, Derek is featured along with one of his colleagues, Jeff Conklin.  They give their testimonies of what inspired their creationist worldviews.   Produced by www.rae.org 

How Long Did It Take to Build the ark?

Derek gives several current Creationist perspectives on how long it took to build the Ark, including from his own research.  The Ark assembly could have taken as little as 46 Days!  Produced by www.rae.org

Solomon's Molten Sea

Derek explains how this object found in Solomon's Temple is a perfect representation of the entire Periodic Table of the Elements.  Produced by www.rae.org

Evolution's Regression Test

Derek explains how evolution is scientifically, statistically, mathematically, and logically impossible. A regression test is used in programming.  It checks the full operational fitness of a program after is has been modified.   The idea is: How can evolution add an organism to a an environment without affecting all of the others?  Produced by www.rae.org

A Protein Synthesis Machine

Derek Marshall and Doug Sharp of RAE discuss how difficult is is to manufacture proteins.  Compare these ideas to the belief that a protein just appeared by itself sometime, somewhere.  Produced by www.rae.org

Designing Honeybees

Derek uses the idea of designing a honeybee to illustrate how high above our understanding and knowledge this hard-working insect is.  Produced by www.rae.org

The Creation Function

Derek explains the direct relationship between the Creation Function, Periodic Table of the Elements, Noah's Ark, and the nucleus of the Atom.  Produced by www.rae.org

God's Mathematical Blueprint

Derek attempts to explain the relationship between the Creation Function and Noah's Ark in 30 minutes or less. Watch and decide if I was successful :) Then watch "The Creation Function" video to hear it again a little more clearly.    Produced by www.rae.org

Metals in the periodic table

The most popular of the videos.  Derek picks up where he left off from "The Periodic Table of the Elements".  It continues presenting more supporting evidence.  Produced by www.rae.org

The Periodic Table of the Elements

Check out this great video, Derek's first time on television.  

This video is a good introduction to the Creation Function. It introduces the concept and begins to present supporting evidence that relates the Creation Function to the first 3 periods of the Periodic Table of the Elements.  Produced by www.rae.org


 These videos are shown on local access cable channels in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and the greater Detroit area on the TV show "Revolution Against Evolution".