As I looked at my desk the other day through the eyes of someone else, I noticed that my calculator is usually sitting with or on top my Bible.  And, as I observed this, I thought that this perfectly describes my New Creation work and my approach to Bible study.  I expect what I am reading to "add up". To me, it is not strange to study the Bible with a calculator, given the amount of quantitative numerical information given including dimensions, ages of people, and dates.  Please join me as I study the Bible this way and show how God speaks directly (not in code) through numbers.

Creation Science research should not be done in a vacuum.  I have heard that it is a team sport and I agree.  Therefore, in my own research efforts I adhere to the following principles (Hermeneutics):

  1. The Word of God is the key.  I have come to believe that “one cannot know the Creation unless one knows the Creator”.  I will always provide a Biblical principle for my ideas with references to the applicable passages. 
  2. All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for doctrine...2 Timothy 3:16
  3. Holy Spirit is The Ultimate Theology Teacher given to all of us through Christ: John 14:26
  4. Since the Bible was written in Classical Hebrew and Common Greek, I do investigate various translations at my disposal and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance when interpreting scripture.
  5. The Bible says that one can come to know Him by observing nature.  Therefore, I will always present an accessible example in Nature that illustrates my ideas.
  6. I will always provide references to observations made by scientists who use the scientific method and author textbooks or other peer-reviewed literature.
  7. I know all too well that not everyone likes math, not everyone understands mathematical principles or can “see” math in action around us or in Nature.  But the Bible provides dates, numbers, dimensions and mathematical ideas.  I will always show the math behind my ideas to respect the qualitative and quantitative information given in Scripture.

Where NCR is the same as Young Earth Creationism (YEC):

  1. Literal Bible Interpretation – NCR holds the Bible as its ultimate authority and inspiration.
  2. NCR does not teach that "Deep Time" is a function that is time invariant, meaning that it is true in both the forward and reverse direction.  The main idea is that something happened in forward time, but we cannot look back on it and consider it reality the same way as we look back on our post-Flood World 2000, 200, 20, or 2 years ago .  The way I explain this idea is that you cannot unfry an egg.  And you cannot study  a fried egg and precisely determine from what it originated or how and when it became fried.   There is no "fried" reality that will be true in the "frying" or "unfried" world.  Frying only works in the forward time direction.

Where NCR and YEC are not the same:

  1. NCR provides a mechanism for the appearance of age in the Earth based upon the Creation Function, and the numbers of Flood days reported in Genesis 7.
  2. NCR teaches that the antediluvian Earth, although similar in content, was physically different than that of today.  Those differences are profound, especially considering that pre-flood light did not exhibit a prismatic effect when radiating through transparent material (no rainbow).
  3. NCR teaches that the Flood was an abundance of water that completely covered the Earth, but also a particle flood that completely destroyed the pre-flood Earth, and reformed it into what we see today.  Many refer to this event as the "Big-Bang"--while NCR defines it as The Flood, applying the Creation Function to the numbers of Flood days given in Genesis Account.  The "Big Bang" was a destructive event, as common sense would have it be, but it was followed by 3 stages of "drying" by God Himself forming it to the inhabitable planet we now enjoy.
  4. NCR not only embraces Quantum Physics but believes that its Ark Model IS quantum physics, and there are examples of quantum physics at work in the Word.
  5. NCR teaches that there are examples of Special Relativity in the Bible, and that our World does exist in a matrix of 3 God-ordained dimensions, which include a curved space component as first described by General Relativity.
  6. NCR welcomes the observations of dutiful scientists who employ the scientific method and report their observations without bias.  NEC would not be where it is today without the contributions of theoretical physicists and experimentalists who measured the decays of radioactive, unstable isotopes or those chemists who divined the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  7. YEC teaches that there were dinosaurs aboard the Ark.  However, NCR holds that there were no dinosaurs aboard the Ark but does provide a mechanism for the advent of dinosaurs-- We know from the Genesis Flood Account that birds secreted from the Ark.  Couple this idea with the fact that dinosaur fossils are  being discovered that imply that these great animals had feathers.  The popular question today is "are birds dinosaurs?".  But NCR with its "out-front" approach to Creation Research flips it.  Tomorrow, the popular question will be "were dinosaurs birds?"

Why NCR is NOT "Old Earth" (OEC) or "Day-Age" Creationism:

  1. OEC believes that the Bible's literal, numerical history of days and years cannot be used to explain the appearance of age in our surroundings.  In contrast, I use the Bible's history by the numbers using the Creation Function and the number of days reported in the Genesis Flood Account.

More to Follow!

Yours in Christ,

Derek Marshall

NCR Founder

Joshua 4:24